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Welcome to the second part of our four part Star Wars commentary marathon.  This is Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith - Part 2, taking you up to the end of episode 3.

In this episode we discuss more about CGI vs models, why Yoda uses a stick, why Obi Wan was surprised to hear about Padme's child and we descend further into the depths of the drinking game.

Check out part one first!

Contact: dr@grandison.me.uk
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This is it, part one of the big Star Wars marathon, spanning the two trilogies - Episode 3 to 4.

In this first part of Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith we discuss what we'd do if we were George Lucas, the Kenny Cannon, why all communicators in the Star Wars universe apparently contain a THX sound system and play an extremely ill advised drinking game that can be found at:


Contact us at:  dr@grandison.me.uk

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