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Join DR, Lynch and the rest of their motley crew as the do synced up commentary with some great...and not so great movies.
Die Hard Join us around the fireside for a special xmas edition of the Speakeasy and we discuss the Christmas classic, Die Hard. Sit back with some mulled wine and find out the best time to give advice to nervous fliers, the best advice to give to heavily pregnant women on drinking alcohol, and the best minor role that the chauffeur, Argyle, had in his younger days. Enjoy the holidays and we'll be back in 2010 - the year we make contact!
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Tysto and Speakeasy: Beyond Thunderdome - I, Robot In this episode one half of Speakeasy goes transatlantic and joins forces with Tysto in order to tackle I, Robot. Directed by Alex Proyas and starring Will Smith, a cold emotionless sidekick (played by Bridget Moynahan) and a whole bunch of robots. Was a lot of fun to do this podcast and we cover a whole bunch of topics, so look out for more cross-commentary collaborations!
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Aliens In a more analytical and slightly less funny episode than usual we comment on one of our favourite movies, James Cameron's Aliens. Admiration abounds are we discuss the futility of being a deep space salvage vessel, how freaky Bishop is portrayed and Paul Reiser's third greatest performance (after My Two Dads and Mad About You).
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Predator In order to take on the power of the mighty Predator we recruit two special forces commentators to join us as we enter the dropzone of the South American jungle. Four enter, but only three leave. That's how big a challenge it was! Join us for this classic 1987 action/sci-fi movie as we discuss the racial stereo-typing of Billy, the awesome career of Shane Black, which is more important show time or payback time and why all of the guards in a guerilla encampment might face inwards.
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Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi In this final episode of the Star Wars saga we have the taste of victory in our mouths and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Join us for a little over two hours as we discuss the inconsistent stances of Stormtroopers whilst receiving the Emperor, the pointlessly elaborate rescue plan that must have been formulated to rescue Han, and why Luke Skywalker must clearly have been lying when he told everyone he was a Jedi.
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Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back
The boys are back and they do their very best to bring their A-game for one of the best movies ever made.  Jokes and speculation abound as the speakeasy crew enjoy one of the darkest and most open-ended stories in the Star Wars saga.
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Logan's Run We're back!  By popular demand...ahem...after an extended break due to real-life getting in the way we proudly present Logan's Run, the classic sci-fi movie that spawned a slightly less than classic TV show.

We may be slightly rusty and more than slightly drunk, but we hope you enjoy our triumphant return and we'll be back very soon to continue our trawl through the Star Wars saga.  George Lucas watch out!
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