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Join DR, Lynch and the rest of their motley crew as the do synced up commentary with some great...and not so great movies.

The trinity of Dr, Lynch and JT Pegg is back to take on the Predators.  They've got a whole planet to hunt in and man is the ultimate sport.  Thrill as the middle managers and account executives of the Yautja species take on various lowlifes and stereotypes, aided only by extreme self-interest and Laurence Fishburne, unhinged by surviving several hunting seasons with only Montana's first DVD to keep him company.

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The Doctor is once again joined by Tysto as they take on Westworld.  Yul Brynner is a pre-Terminator Terminator that absolutely will not stop until you are he is dead in Michael Crichton’s 1973 pre-Jurassic Park Jurassic Park: Westworld.  We dismantle the film as a cautionary tale and as an advertisement for guilt-free sex tourism. We ponder the incredible danger inherent in a theme park where people are supposed to get into bar fights and sword fights with robots. We guess at the social hierarchy of technicians. And we speculate as to what would happen if James Brolin was the one in jail and nerdy lawyer Richard Benjamin was trying to get him out.

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Lynch steps out of the commenters chair for an evening and is replaced by regular guest host Tysto to take on Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  An amazing movie that really doesn't follow any of the traditional storytelling techniques we're used to seeing in movies.  So get your mashed potato mountains at the ready, put on your away team jumpsuit and sit down for some Spielberg magic.

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In an impromptu (and very late night) edition of the Speakeasy DR and Lynch take on the Spielberg classic Jaws.  It's been a while since they've seen this but the memories keep flooding back and one of the first horror movies either of them had any seen.  There are a few surprises along the way (particularly some musical choices) but join the crew as they enjoy one of the most famous movies of all time.

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After two house moves Dr and Lynch are back to discuss Alien 3.  They try to bring the funny, but the movie and it's history is just too damn interesting and most of the time they bring the facts instead.  We're watching the special edition version which, as an experiment, Dr hadn't watched before, so listen to his first reactions as he spots all of the differences (there are a lot).  Lynch also introduces the worst alcoholic drinks known to mankind into the mix but we keep it together right up until the point when the doorbell rings to denote the arrival of the end credits.

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We finally take on 'Avatard', apparently the most satanic/demonic film ever made.  There was us just thinking it was all about a bunch of smurf/thundercat hybrids doing a fan version of Pocahontas.  This was recorded some time ago, and World Cup fever was gripping everyone in the country (apart from the Dr).  Thrill with us as we enjoy the amazing 3d graphics and the even more amazing 1d characters and script.  We also debate who the real heroes are in the movie.

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Star Trek - The double double - Part 2

Join Dr and Tysto from Tysto commentaries as they discuss the J. J. Abrams directed Star Trek movie.  A different take on the previous Star Trek commentary we posted on the Speakeasy, so relax and enjoy the movie as we realise that nothing at all makes sense, the $150 million dollar homage to lens flare and how perfect we think just about every actor in the movie is.

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Star Trek - The Double double - Part 1

Some months ago Dr. and Lynch after recording their Empire Strikes Back commentary were hungry for more and decided to do an off-the-cuff commentary on the new Star Trek movie.  Then, more recently, Dr. and Tysto teamed up for a much better prepared commentary on the same movie.

So here for your amusement we now let you compare and contrast two commentaries on the same movie.  This first version is the Dr. and Lynch recording.  Slightly drunken, completely spontaneous but still entertaining enjoy listening to Dr. boast about how much he knows about Star Trek only to repeatedly make errors when talking about Star Trek history.  Lynch keeps him on the straight and narrow however.

In a few days time the Tysto version will be posted, but in the meantime - enjoy!

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Judge Dredd

It's exactly 40 years since Lynch first hatched, an event foretold by ancient prophecy as bringing about the apocalypse.  So what better way to celebrate than by taking on Judge Dredd, based on the classic British anti-hero the production team considered exactly what sort of film the fans would love and then more or less did the complete opposite.

In this episode we're joined by JT Pegg - Judging Dredd is a bumpy ride as we've got lots of complaints about what they did to an icon from our youth but we manage to avoid getting sent to an isocube and have some laughs along the way.

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The Matrix

The crack commenting team that previously encountered the Predator reunite to watch The Matrix, and we really wish we'd taken the blue pill instead.  Join us as we discuss whether the Wachowski brothers are still brothers, why less is more when it comes to wire-fu, Lynch's obsession with surgical invasions of flesh, the awkward conversations that Morpheus must have had with his previous failed attempts to find The One and many other things.

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The Thing

Tysto and Dr team up once again to take on The Thing, John Carpenter's classic tale of sci-fi horror with fantastic creature effects from Rob Bottin.  One of the great things about this movie is that a lot of what happens is up for debate and we discuss questions like "who gets assimilated and when?", "why keep rottings corpses indoors?", and just what was the Thing doing on the spacecraft at the start.

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Blade Runner

It's the first day of April and to celebrate Dr and Lynch take on one of the best movies of all time - Blade Runner.  This is a film that a lot of people have spent a lot of time watching, so we dig deep and manage to deliver some facts that we guarantee you've never heard before!

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The Running Man

We taken on the 1987 Arnie movie, The Running Man, directed by Dave Starsky.  Conflict abounds as one of us has a lasting affection for this movie and the other one never really liked it and managed to avoid watching it for the last 23 years.

Join us as we discuss the brilliant casting in the movie (particularly Richard Dawson), the lack of password security in the future, how it was apparently acceptable to make (frequent) rape jokes in late 1980's movies and we find out whether humanity would be safe in our hands by trying to remember the simple 10 digit code that allows them to control the satellite feed.

Also if you weren't aware there's a great little announcement at the end of the movie credits that took us completely by surprise.

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Tysto and Speakeasy: Beyond Thunderdome - Iron Man

Welcome to the sequel to the Tysto and Speakeasy join-up where Dr. and Tysto talk about the great 2008 movie Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr.  Join us on a light-hearted trip where we discuss some of the Marvel comics lore that the movie is based on, how anyone with a name like Obadiah Stane must be evil and the greatest cameo ever to make it into a superhero movie.

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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Welcome to 2010 where we start the year off with the movie that made Stephen Norrington quit directing and Sean Connery retire - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Will the body count be similar when the speakeasy crew take it on? Listen and find out! Discover in the episode, the best place to position divers, which city you need to film in if you want your location to look like Victorian London and why Sean Connery killing someone is much less fun than Arnie killing someone. Keep listening as some of the best commentary material in the episode occurs after the credits roll.
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