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Join DR, Lynch and the rest of their motley crew as the do synced up commentary with some great...and not so great movies.
The Matrix

The crack commenting team that previously encountered the Predator reunite to watch The Matrix, and we really wish we'd taken the blue pill instead.  Join us as we discuss whether the Wachowski brothers are still brothers, why less is more when it comes to wire-fu, Lynch's obsession with surgical invasions of flesh, the awkward conversations that Morpheus must have had with his previous failed attempts to find The One and many other things.

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The Thing

Tysto and Dr team up once again to take on The Thing, John Carpenter's classic tale of sci-fi horror with fantastic creature effects from Rob Bottin.  One of the great things about this movie is that a lot of what happens is up for debate and we discuss questions like "who gets assimilated and when?", "why keep rottings corpses indoors?", and just what was the Thing doing on the spacecraft at the start.

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Blade Runner

It's the first day of April and to celebrate Dr and Lynch take on one of the best movies of all time - Blade Runner.  This is a film that a lot of people have spent a lot of time watching, so we dig deep and manage to deliver some facts that we guarantee you've never heard before!

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