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Join DR, Lynch and the rest of their motley crew as the do synced up commentary with some great...and not so great movies.

The boys go behind enemy lines with John Rambo for this outing.  Sent into a hellhole to take some pictures of missing POWs John Rambo can't leave well enough alone and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Featured in this episode is the Doc's crackpot theory about movie pasting.  Thrill as he repeats it over and over in the hope that it will one day be taught on university courses about film theory.  

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The boys are back - and what better way to return than chatting about Star Wars:  The Force Awakens!

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Join Tysto, Lynch and the Doc whilst they talk over the overly long second Chris Nolan Batman movie.  Agreeing that it makes far less sense than it seemed to in the first place they have some fun at its expense.  Whilst ultimately agreeing that it's still kinda cool (but still too long).

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The boys are back and here to talk about Zack Snyder's faithful remake of Alan Moore's Watchmen!

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It's the Doc's 40th birthday, and to celebrate Lynch and JT Pegg reunite to have a party without him and discuss the brilliant 2012 movie Dredd.  In a commentary as adult as the movie itself two Dredd nerds talk about both the movie and over 35 years of the history of the character.  Remember:  THEY ARE THE LAW!

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The boy are back in town and learning that in space nobody can hear you scream...about people acting illogically.  That's because we're talking about Ridley Scott's return to the Alien universe with his 2012 movie Prometheus.

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The are never wrong.  But occasionally...they do disagree.  Join Tysto and the Doc discuss the Spielberg/Cruise futurism outing Minority Report.  When they're no rewriting parts of the plot to make sense the realise they actuall do quite like the film.  Despite some of it's more obvious flaws and the fact that everything in it is just totally blue.

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Get your palm fronds ready - it's time for Uhura's fan dance!  Join the Dr. and Tysto as they bravely take on the Star Trek movie to end all Star Trek movies.  This was recorded as part of a live series of podcasts, and there were a few technical problems at the start, but it settles down soon enough!

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It's time to split infitinives one one more time and the Dr and Tysto travel backwards in time with the crew of the Enterprise for Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home!

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Tysto and the Dr. fire up the spinner, practice their origami and take on a bunch of skin jobs as they discuss Blade Runner.  Possibly one of the best films ever made despite on-set production problems and the title being stolen from a book about smuggling medical instruments we take a peek into what Los Angeles will look like in 2019!

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The old gang gets back together and hopefully they won't discover that they're digging in the wrong place!  We take on Raiders of the Lost Ark.  It may be one of the best movies ever made but that doesn't mean that DR and Lynch can't point out the fact that Indy only ever makes matters worse in the movie, that Salah has a callous disregard for his children and that ancient weights and measures maybe aren't quite as ancient as we think.  So get a beer, sit back, put Raiders on because for the next two hours we're your god-damn partner!

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The doc is joined by Tysto as part of their continuing voyage to boldy go where no podcast has gone before and put the needs of the two above the needs of the many.  Last time we left the crew limping away from the Genesis planet where they left Spock's body and the movie picks up pretty much where we left it.  Join us as we discuss topics such as the amazing broadband connection that Spock's fingers give him, Trek's take on the Cantina scene, Kirk's pin-code and many other things.  So fire up the transwarp drive and we'll meet you on the steps at Mount Seleyah!

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Tysto and the Doctor show you how they would handle the no-win scenario by taking on, the Wrath of Khan.  Probably the movie that saved the entire Star Trek franchise, it's a great Horatio Hownblower style romp through the galaxy that manages to make surprising little sense.  Join us as we discuss such important topics as,

  • If you're allowed to take the Kobyashi Maru test multiple times what's the point of it?
  • How come Chekov reacts to the idea of Khan so extremely when as far as we know they never met?
  • Did Scotty take his dying nephew to the bridge instead of sickbay because he knows McCoy is only ever rarely at his post?

Enjoy the commentary and remember if we go by the book, like Lieutenant Savvik, then watching Star Trek 2 without this commentary could make hours seem like days!

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The Doctor and Tysto beam-up once more to enjoy a much maligned classic, this time with Robert Wise and Alan Dean Foster’s tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey and slow-motion model work. We both love the film and William Shatner and Persis Khambatta and the idea that Decker might just be responsible for creating the Borg  We’re watching the director’s cut, with the silver “Paramount Pictures Presents” lettering at the beginning and not the theatrical cut with the gold lettering. The differences are not enormous.

The Internets are kind to us this time (the Doctor has “moved house” as they say in the UK) but his new microphone goes wonky a couple of times, making him a little hard to hear thru the noise. We’re very sorry and promise to have it sorted out in the future.

Start the commentary with the Paramount logo faded out and the Paramount title card (just the words) about to fade in, on the countdown.

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It's Ladies Night at the Speakeasy and to celebrate valentines day we're discussing the classic romcom (that doesn't seem to be especially romantic...or funny) Pretty Woman.  To help us tackle a new genre we're joined by Dr. Rogue the first lady to join the Speakeasy crew.  To enjoy this podcast to the fullest be sure to watch it over a candlelit dinner.

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The trinity of Dr, Lynch and JT Pegg is back to take on the Predators.  They've got a whole planet to hunt in and man is the ultimate sport.  Thrill as the middle managers and account executives of the Yautja species take on various lowlifes and stereotypes, aided only by extreme self-interest and Laurence Fishburne, unhinged by surviving several hunting seasons with only Montana's first DVD to keep him company.

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The Doctor is once again joined by Tysto as they take on Westworld.  Yul Brynner is a pre-Terminator Terminator that absolutely will not stop until you are he is dead in Michael Crichton’s 1973 pre-Jurassic Park Jurassic Park: Westworld.  We dismantle the film as a cautionary tale and as an advertisement for guilt-free sex tourism. We ponder the incredible danger inherent in a theme park where people are supposed to get into bar fights and sword fights with robots. We guess at the social hierarchy of technicians. And we speculate as to what would happen if James Brolin was the one in jail and nerdy lawyer Richard Benjamin was trying to get him out.

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Lynch steps out of the commenters chair for an evening and is replaced by regular guest host Tysto to take on Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  An amazing movie that really doesn't follow any of the traditional storytelling techniques we're used to seeing in movies.  So get your mashed potato mountains at the ready, put on your away team jumpsuit and sit down for some Spielberg magic.

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In an impromptu (and very late night) edition of the Speakeasy DR and Lynch take on the Spielberg classic Jaws.  It's been a while since they've seen this but the memories keep flooding back and one of the first horror movies either of them had any seen.  There are a few surprises along the way (particularly some musical choices) but join the crew as they enjoy one of the most famous movies of all time.

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We finally take on 'Avatard', apparently the most satanic/demonic film ever made.  There was us just thinking it was all about a bunch of smurf/thundercat hybrids doing a fan version of Pocahontas.  This was recorded some time ago, and World Cup fever was gripping everyone in the country (apart from the Dr).  Thrill with us as we enjoy the amazing 3d graphics and the even more amazing 1d characters and script.  We also debate who the real heroes are in the movie.

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