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Join DR, Lynch and the rest of their motley crew as the do synced up commentary with some great...and not so great movies.

Like a Hutt at an all-you-can-eat buffet - we're back!  This time talking about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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Safe in the knowledge that nothing can make this film worse the Speakeasy gang take on Batman V Superman.  If you haven't seen the movie yet and you're planning to then play this episode alongside it - it will only make it better.

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In this episode we take on the brilliant 2016 Deadpool.  Conventional wisdom says that you should never do a comedy podcast about a movie that's funnier than you.  But if there's one thing that Dr and Lynch have in spades it's a lack of wisdom.



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Join Dr and Lynch as they discuss Jurassic World, speculate on Colin Trevorrow's meteoric rise, pitch the next installment in the series and compare Jurassic Park to Citizen Kane.

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The boys are back in record time - this time talking about Max Max Fury Road.  Actually it more kind of plays in the background as they discuss pretty much anything.  Plus...we got mail!



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The dynamic trio of Tysto, Lynch and the Doc are formed to take on the first of Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy.  Unfortunately the first one isn't so much like the Joker or Bane, but more like Crazy Quilt (yes that was a real Batman villain).

In this episode we discuss (amongst many other things) why Morgan Freeman would be the perfect villain, some of Thomas Waynes more controversial business ideas, the many accents of character actor Michael Caine and the similarity between Lian Neeson and Dr. Manhattan.

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The two returning supermen, Lynch and Tysto, at they take on the movie Superman Returns.

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Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it's Lynch and Tysto leaping tall buildings in a single bound to discuss the 1978 version of Superman.

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After two house moves Dr and Lynch are back to discuss Alien 3.  They try to bring the funny, but the movie and it's history is just too damn interesting and most of the time they bring the facts instead.  We're watching the special edition version which, as an experiment, Dr hadn't watched before, so listen to his first reactions as he spots all of the differences (there are a lot).  Lynch also introduces the worst alcoholic drinks known to mankind into the mix but we keep it together right up until the point when the doorbell rings to denote the arrival of the end credits.

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Star Trek - The double double - Part 2

Join Dr and Tysto from Tysto commentaries as they discuss the J. J. Abrams directed Star Trek movie.  A different take on the previous Star Trek commentary we posted on the Speakeasy, so relax and enjoy the movie as we realise that nothing at all makes sense, the $150 million dollar homage to lens flare and how perfect we think just about every actor in the movie is.

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